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Creating a clean skincare brand, aimed at millennials and focused on medical advice with a dynamic and fun mood. Routine? Yes! Boring? No! Every day is different.

Jellysmack, the creative video company and creators of Beauty Studio, contacted me to create their new skincare brand aimed at millennials. The concept: offering clients a personalized beauty routine according to their skin type and lifestyle with organic products sent directly to their home and medical advice from dermatologists.
“Routine? yes! Boring? No! Every day is different.”

Routine’s logo symbolizes the client experience.
Expertise: The brand’s medical advice and reliability are evoked by the serif front’s sharp edges.
Comfort: Curvy, bold and generous shapes represent the comforting feeling of taking care of your skin using clean, reliable cosmetics.
Clean: The products’ purity is symbolized by space added inside letters, giving lightness to the general shape.
Fun: The rotation on letters O and E “break the everyday” and create a dynamic and friendly feeling. They also symbolize the circular gestures of applying products on the skin. “Your beauty Routine should be your best friend”.


© 2019 Noémie Pottiez

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