Creating a high-end vegan perfume brand inspired by toltec philosophy and the power of natural elements.

Context  Tolteca is a new brand of prestige vegan perfumes aimed at mysterious and natural women in search for an elegant fragrance. The brand offers an alternative to the basic vegan perfumes on the market, with a unique and refined olfactory signature which evolves with each consumer’s skin PH.

Creation  The brand philosophy was inspired by the Toltec wisdom: opening your soul to nature, respecting life, compassion and diversity. The goal was to create a luxury and elegant perfume identity which would differentiate with vegan perfume and cosmetic brands on the market. The logo represents the combinaison of natural forces in a geometric and modern way evoking the toltec architecture and aesthetics.

Branding, perfume, logo, stationary, graphic guidelines, typography, color theory, pattern, luxury, graphic design, art direction.



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