Restaurant Branding

Creating a Smash burger joint branding

Context  As part of their Foodmarket concept, a combinaison of street food restaurants evolving every season, Sodexo, global food services & catering company, contacted me to design their Smash Burger Joint branding. The mood? Accessible, friendly, fast food.

Creation The brand is composed of a handmade lettering combining the texture of meat and an old school script (typical from the 1960s burger joints) and naive illustrations.

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The Logo System

The goal was to craft a friendly burger joint brand that captures the deliciously-decadent-finger-licking experience of eating a Smash burger: melty cheddar, tender and crispy smashed steak! Yum! The logo features a custom-made lettering that blends the old-school script style, typical of 1960s burger joints, with the texture and flatness of a smashed steak.

Colors & Typography

The color palette is composed of a dynamic, stimulating and joyful fluorescent yellow balanced by a neutral beige, black and white palette.

Illustration & secondary elements

Brand “happy-delicious-burger” Illustration


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