Creating the Visual Identity for a high end meal service company linked with the history of Versailles and Louis XIV.

Context   Cuillère d’Argent is the exclusive caterer of the ‘Potager du Roi de Versailles’ (the King’s Vegetable Garden Versailles). This company prepares and delivers gourmet lunches inspired by the “Great Century” cuisine served at the Sun King’s table. It was really interesting to work on this project for an eco-friendly company that enhances French heritage through luxury gastronomy.

Creation  Versailles Château was the key inspiration for this project. The monogram logo, one iconic feature of the Château, reflects the luxurious and traditional spirit of the brand. The lunch box pattern is an illustration of the ‘Potager du roi’ garden map.

Branding, restaurant, gourmet brand, monogram, calligraphy logo, packaging, take-out, Versailles, luxury, brand style guide, pattern, business card, stationery, brand guidelines, calligraphy, french touch, stamp, gold, Paris.

Cuillère d’Argent


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