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Madge Syers


Movie props on Madge Syers, a Figure Skating Champion

As part of a training at Annie Atkins Studio in Dublin, I worked on movie props about Madge Syers, a fascinating woman who was brave enough to compete at the World Figure Skating Championships, regarded as an all-male event at the time. The scene sets after London Olympic Games 1908 when she won two gold and one bronze medal.

I created movie props about Madge Syers’ life: personal photos, old papers, congratulations letters, telegrams and postcards, olympic games official tickets, ice skating shoes ad and a notebook with ice skating figures inspired by the book that she wrote.
Annie Atkins Studio

Movie Prop, Calligraphy, Print, Paper making, Bookbinding

Syers' entry into the World Championships prompted the ISU to discuss the subject of women competing. The concerns raised were that : the dress prevents the judges from seeing the feet; a judge might judge a girl to whom he was attached; it is difficult to compare women with men." The Congress voted six to three in favour of barring women from the championships.


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